Vinyl Figure Toy Collector App Reviews

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Not worth the money imo

Although the barcode scanner works great, information is not updated on all items, and the app doesnt supply you with a checklist.

Not Bad

Program looks great, but it crashes a lot and takes a long time for loading.. Price is also very steep @ $6.99..

Great, easy to use, no problems

I have really got the pop addiction and this app is a great way to catalogue my collection

Crash almost immediately

All issues have been fixed and Im happy! One thing that would be nice is to have the value of the pops available so we know if we are being overcharged or not!


I like the app a lot but cross platform purchase share like my iPhone and iPad isnt possible and I think its disappointing to spend 6.00 and not get both iPhone and iPad version..

Excellent App for Funko Pop Collectors

This app is perfect for Funko Pop collectors and sellers. The database is incredibly quick and efficient at drawing information and works perfect with the barcode scanner. One nuance is that the app wont allow you to scan variants like the Chase models and have basics as well. But you can work around it by manually putting in the information and selecting the provided images. Customization is prime here with everything from your own photos, own catalog numbering and the ability to list specifics on the Pop and edition. Great app and worth the money!

Keeps crashing!

It was good for about 5 minutes. I was using the scanner to catalog my pops and after about 5 it crashed and now it wont open.

Great App

You could make something like this for free but to save some time it was worth 6 bucks to me. Good for its purpose.

Good but has problems

This is a good app but sometimes when I try to add a figure it will say it has been added but it doesnt show it in my list and when I try to re-add the figure it wont let me.


Exactly what I needed to help organize and document my collection.

Really good app some tweaks needed

This is a fantastic app I love it. The only thing I would suggest is the sorting is a little off to me. I wish it had more options of sorting like by franchise and within franchise by number or alphabetical. Also when you type in a custom name it disappears from the list.

Good, could use some cleaning up

Firstly, the price is ridiculous. Secondly, this app is really great for me because I like to collect the variants and I cant always remember what I have or dont have while Im out. The picture feature is a little buggy and I dont like that there are so many duplicates in the database. But otherwise the app is fantastic. The paid price and current value are wonderful! I do wish it could pull automatic current value from some sort of database, instead of me having to manually put it in. Great app, terrible price. Definitely recommend if you collect Funko pop!

Funko pops

Good app, user-friendly, but seriously needs to be updated with new products. And have minor bugs fixed,

Great for collection inventory

The app works beautifully. I love the export to spreadsheet function.


Great app for on the go collecting needs.

Love it!

This App is incredible! The only problem I am experiencing is that it keeps the count of all your pops, but cant differentiate between X-Force Deadpool and regular Deadpool but other than that I absolutely love it!

I love it

Its so cool that I can make a check list & a wish list

Not easy to use

I wanted a way to see all of the Funko Pop! and then just click to add but it is only easy if you have the box with the barcode. It is a nightmare trying to add without it. If you add to your wish lid by mistake you cannot remove it without a barcode! All of mine are unwrapped and there isnt an easy way to do this.

Really cool!

This is a very cool app for fans of Funko products. I myself am a fan of the "Pop! Figures" and enjoy having a list on hand of all those I have. The app features many tools both useful and superfluous that make it more than your average collection app. That being said, the app crashes and even if it was perfect, that $6 price tag is still ridiculous. I would recommend to only the craziest of Funko fans.

Do not get this app

Once downloaded it does not have all funk is in library. Does not sort them properly nor can you delete duplicates. Horrible app.

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