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Buggy and greedy

This app has the right idea and all the potential, but if you collect more than one thing, they expect you to pay for a separate app, for each thing you collect. That’s absolutely ridiculous and greedy AF. There’s a FREE app available that works just fine and doesn’t cost you $5.99 🙄


I use this app to keep track of every funko pop I own. It is an amazing app I definitely recommend it for collectors.


I like it


The app is awesome and for a new collector of Pop! Vinyls like me, it is perfect to remember your collection. The only bad thing is that some the the Pop! Vinyls aren’t on the app.

Is this a new religion?

After using this app for awhile I see why so many people like it. It is enough for a nerd to get a #*#*# collecting and seeing what they have. Great app super perfect!

Vinyl toys

The app would have gotten a 5 Star from me but I HATE the face that every time I take a picture and put it in, someone else can come along and take their own picture which knocks my picture out. This really, really needs to be fixed. I’m very exact in how I take my pics and others aren’t. I paid for this app so it should be MY information and pictures that are stored in my phone. Please fix this insanity!!!!


I absolutely love this app! It's easy to use and is fantastic at organizing your collection. I 100% recommend this app to anyone who collects Pop!s. The only complaint I have is that you can't have a chase variant and a normal variant of the same pop, or so I've found.


The app seems to be freezing after scanning a UPC of an item. It takes forever for it to find the item and then it just comes up with a generic ‘funko’ as the found UPC item.

Vinyl Toys

This app is great for sorting and keeping track of my Funko Pop collection. It organizes them well, and helps me manage. However, I do wish there was the alphabet to the right, where I could click on a letter, and it would take me to the first category beginning with that letter instead of scrolling. For instance, my Walking Dead Pops are at the bottom because of where W falls in the alphabet, and I wish I could click on a W to the side of the list, and it could take me there, and if I want to go back to the Avengers, I can click A. I can live with scrolling, but for sorting purposes, I can’t figure out why they haven’t updated this app yet for that. Other than that, it’s a great app!

Best play to track pops!!!

Most reliable place to keep track of pops

Great App

I'm a beginner PoP collector (45) and this is a great app for me. Especially with the multiple scan and ratings. It allows me to always show off my collection!

Totally worth it!!!!

Scanned my whole collection in 45 minutes. This is the best app I found Pop wise. It's so much easier for me to find stuff in my collection now as well. If anybody has a lot of Pop's use the Bulk scan mode, it works perfectly.


Easy to do easy to take care of.

Good App

I love the app. You can easily customize the Pops you add and it's very convenient when it comes to changing the pictures of them. I do think that pricing would be a good feature. Only thing really missing from it.

Love it

What about putting all your funko pops in order.

Pretty good

Got all my stuff logged. 61 Pops. I like the app. A few issues with scanning but you can correct the errors(spelling, description, etc...) yourself. And you can add your exclusives via the database. Database is well built and I was able to log everything, even smuggler bounty exclusives, lootcrate, etc... out of 10, I give the app a 8 so far. Easy to use and operate. The scan function is a little silly but it's all good I can work with it.


This app would be worth the money if it had a value next to the POP! figure

Good App for Somebody who forgets

Being that I forget exactly which POP! Figures I've bought & have it's a decent App to download.

Not good

This app is all over the place... I bought an app in hopes of being able to know what I need for my collection and to have fun sorting through what I already have. This app is too confusing and all over the place... takes way too long to add a pop/figure to your list and then you have to start all over again for the next one. It would be way better if you could just check it... a bit annoying

So far so good

I like the fact you can scan your pop it makes things much easier

Great App

Very useful. Love the scan feature. Makes logging your collection super easy. Thanks for helping me organize my chaos!

Love the "bulk scan" feature....

Great app for organizing my Funko Pop collection!

Very helpful

This helps me keep track of my MANY pop figures.


This is a great app. I just started getting into Funko Pop! Figures and this app has helped me keep them organized.

Nice for inventory purposes

So easy to use and great for us Military folks that move all the time and need to keep track of our collections.


This is a great app to help organize your funko pop collection. I use it when POP! hunting because I tend to forget what I have. Over all good app to have.

Not good!

I spend 5.99 and found out it couldn't differentiate my exclusive with the regular ones! So disappointed!!!!!

Great App!

Easy to use



Great app....I love it

This app is awesome and I highly recommend it . This app helps organize my funko pop collection in a very easy way.

Get the job done!

It keep them them inventory,so if I'm look for new one I know what I have.


I like the app a lot but cross platform purchase share like my iPhone and iPad isn't possible and I think it's disappointing to spend 6.00 and not get both iPhone and iPad version..

Difficult to use

Very disappointed Half my Funkos do not scan so everything has to be done by database search Not worth the $5 Save your money and use your phone camera and set up albums

Waste of Time and Money

No organized lists No current Value No proper images This app is more work than convience, you're much better off with an excel sheet I can go on and on This is a SCAM!

Don't waste your $!

The website popvinyls had an online list catalog that the said the app would transfer everything over and it didn't. Spend over 3 hours adding my items and it didn't even have half of my pops listed. Don't waste your $

Love it!!!

Great App so far

Waste of $6!

Spent two hours inputting all of my Pops to have the app go and delete my entire list! Waste of my time and money. Want to catalog your Pops? Don't use this app! You'd be better off with a pen and paper! They some nerve charging six dollars for this trash! Going to make sure that all collectors I know avoid this broken garbage!

Needs a lot of improvement especially since it costs $$

I'm pretty disappointed in this app. Every time I search for something it messes up. Would be nice if it would tell you how much each of your pop is worth in your collection. Needs more organization as well.

Love it

But there's no images so it makes it harder to search for certain figures because they have more then one

It's not better than pop price guide

Some scans don't pick up older pops.

Don't buy

This is app is a waste of money doesn't work like it shows. Fraud!!!!

OCD Heaven

Great way to share your nerdiest of collectibles with your imaginary friends!! Perfectly organized inventory tool!!!

This app is so bad

It's not what it shows on the picture it's a bunch of other stuff 2

Great idea, busted app

Great idea for a checklist type to track your items. But app runs so slowly, and freezes so often that I can't even use it. Waste of $5.99

Poorly Made

I am shocked that Funko is trying to sell this for so much money. They clearly outsourced this to some app developer that half assed the design. The interface is awful, the UI is ugly as all hell, the search function barely works and the app overall is clunky. It's sad that this is the only option to keep track of your Pops.


I love this app! I just wish they could have a list of every single Pop Vinyl to see witch one you don't have. Otherwise great app for Pop Vinyl collectors!

Do not get this app

Once downloaded it does not have all funk is in library. Does not sort them properly nor can you delete duplicates. Horrible app.

Really cool!

This is a very cool app for fans of Funko products. I myself am a fan of the "Pop! Figures" and enjoy having a list on hand of all those I have. The app features many tools both useful and superfluous that make it more than your average collection app. That being said, the app crashes and even if it was perfect, that $6 price tag is still ridiculous. I would recommend to only the craziest of Funko fans.

Not easy to use

I wanted a way to see all of the Funko Pop! and then just click to add but it is only easy if you have the box with the barcode. It is a nightmare trying to add without it. If you add to your wish lid by mistake you cannot remove it without a barcode! All of mine are unwrapped and there isn't an easy way to do this.

I love it

It's so cool that I can make a check list & a wish list

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